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The One Off Collection

Each piece a one-off creation,
Unique in the world

Preciously Paris
Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio

Giuseppe Lisio founded his first manufactory in Florence in 1906. Today,Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio continues to manufacture priceless silk velvets and brocades just as he did, always by hand, on the same ancient Jacquard looms, and always with the same aim: to keep the art of weaving precious fabrics alive. References of the complex geometric pattern, based on intersecting circular figures, are taken from a floor mosaic in one of the world’s most beautiful churches: Saint Mark’s Cathedral of Venice. It is executed with the refined ciselé velvet technique, which contrasts the different tones of light effected by looped versus cut pile. The first time the ‘San Marco’ velvet was setup on the loom by Giuseppe Lisio in 1926.

One off #1

One off #14

Couture & Horse hair

The clutches are inspired by Greek and Roman mythologies. In history Pegasus is the subject of a very rich iconography at all times, inspiring many artists and poets. We work with the LE CRIN Fabrics house founded in 1815 in France.

One off #2

One off #3

One off #4

One off #16

Couture & Renaissance

Inspired by the Italian renaissance, this serie revisits the themes of angels and the architecture of Italian cathedrals to create a kind of romantic kaleidoscope.

One off #5

One off #6

One off #7

One off #8

One off #12

One off #13

Couture & Rome

With its history and architecture, the Renaissance city of Florence offers all its inspirations to the brand that reinterprets 18th century engravings of Romulus and Remus who founded the city of Rome, with a game of hide and seek fun details to discover in the decor. Metallic elements come from an hold French manufacture classified as living heritage.

One off #9

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One off #11

One off #15